Which Story? “Audrey Price” or “They Lie?”

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YOU’RE PROBABLY AWARE of the fact I wrote a novel. I’ve been told, “It’s pretty good.” But that judgment means little ’cause it came from friends, relatives, and myself. The problem is, I have many long-form stories in my head and they want to get out. But as you know, writing novels takes a long time.

I wrote The Woman Who Wanted More over the course of a-year-and-a-half. During that time, working a full-time job where I continue to work today, July 22nd, 2018. I’m not seeking sympathy, it’s just a fact; these things take time (oh, that’s the name of a song by The Smiths), and the experience of writing this novel was a unique one for me. In part, because the story is about a woman, which I am not. And the woman’s ethnicity is one of which, I am not. These certainties mean little to me, but I’ve learned that Literary Agents, Publishers, and readers often find these attributes a concern. Maybe from the perceived lack of marketing potential? And the presumed absence of political correctness? Don’t know. Supposedly, I am neither marketable nor politically correct, which is fine.

It’s part of the reason I decided to self-publish. However, most of the novels trapped in my head center around strong female protagonists who don’t look like me.

I don’t know why this is the case. More precisely, I have no clue why these type of stories bleed from me. Regardless, I loved writing The Woman Who Wanted More, and I hope you have the chance to read it because I want to know what’s on your mind (that’s a song by Information Society); for selfish reasons, of course. I’m curious to know, how many people want me to write novels? As the character, Judge Smails famously said in the film Caddyshack; “The world needs ditch diggers too!”… I am destined to be a ditch digger. But authoring is something I want to do. And again… it takes time.

I wish it were my full-time gig; but it’s not.

At the end of The Woman Who Wanted More, I wrote an ‘Author’s Note’ section. The remainder of this post contains a portion from that Chapter.


I’VE HAD THE PLEASURE to work for some amazing corporations thus far. And have encountered challenging situations in my work-life as a result. But writing books forces my mind to function in ways that are frightening (to me) and intriguing at the same time. Regardless, I ask your forgiveness for any typos or bad phrases that you cringed through while reading my novel. I promise, my writing gets better. I haven’t given up on myself yet, and I pray you’ll stay with me too. It’s too soon to leave.

One thing I ask… since I’m a self-published author, I’m constantly figuring this stuff out as I go along, and failing in the process. Hence, I need your help. If you enjoyed reading The Woman Who Wanted More, and appreciate the main character, Mag. Please post a review on the site of your choice, like Amazon, or GoodReads, etc.

If you hated the book but trudged through it anyway, please send an email to cmduncanwriter@gmail.com. I’ll read it, whilst I sip Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum-on-the-rocks in near darkness, drowning my emotions, trying to gain knowledge from valuable criticism.

Lastly, if you loved the book, then it means you’re inside my head, as such… we should totally tell a friend about The Woman Who Wanted More, or maybe a stranger? Who knows, they might become a friend.

You may be wondering; what’s the next book? Well, I’m torn between two ideas. I’ve begun writing them both, but I’m not sure which should be next. I need your help.

Idea #1

The story of a young girl (Audrey) who struggles with learning disabilities as a child. At nine-years-old, she is unable to concentrate on school work, and spends most of her days drawing an image of a tall-thin-man, whom she calls ‘Mr. Price.’ Audrey’s single mother (Laura) is at wit’s end, trying to figure out what’s wrong with her little girl. As a result, Laura digs deep into the history of her daughter’s deadbeat dad. What she uncovers, leads Audrey down a reclusive path towards her supreme purpose.

Idea #2

The continuation of Mag’s life, her next chapter. She is independent, free of male relationships, and has a new appreciation for life. After some setbacks derail her free spirit, she seeks total self-governance, and meets a woman (named Lacy) who seemingly lives the life that Mag desires. However, Lacy’s autonomous nature is not quite what it seems, and she introduces Mag to a world that threatens the core of her soul.

That’s it. But I need your help because I don’t know which story you’d like to read first. Which concept intrigues you more? Please let me know.

You’re wondering how?

Send an email to cmduncanwriter@gmail.com, or visit my webpage www.cmduncanwriter.com and search for the post entitled, “Which story do you wanna read: ‘Audrey Price’ or ‘THEY LIE?’”

The final thing I’ll say is this, with all kidding aside; thank you.


From the core of my heart.


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