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He’s a wondrous hack. As I type this summary of his achievements, CM Duncan hasn’t won any penmanship awards, has never been published in a literary magazine, and has been rejected by every literary agent from which he submitted queries. No exceptions.

A failure as a writer, he resides on street corners carrying signs emblazoned with poorly conceived slogans like, “wil right fore fude” -and- “riting is my bizniz, my biznus iz bad.”

His parents weren’t writers and his circle of friends; they’re not writers either. Thus, he’s not even a writer’s writer, nor is he an adequate speller.

Still, he stabs his keyboard erratically, attempting to string random letters into words that form paragraphs. Then fumbles those paragraphs into chapters that he thinks convey stories.

He graduated without honors from The State University of New York, after somehow achieving a Degree in Communication. He didn’t even major in English Literature, or Journalism. Upon graduation, he struggled finding jobs in Buffalo NY, and Philadelphia PA. Then moved to Phoenix AZ where he attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. After completion, he snagged the first job he could get, working for a long distance learning company in Scottsdale, AZ. Since then, he’s wandered among various cities in the United States, from Phoenix to Houston to Honolulu and others.

In spite of his lack of writing credibility, he is at least a well-traveled Statesman. Maybe that accounts for something? I believe his wealth of life-learned experiences is the only thing making his jumbled letters and words tolerable for the rest of us to read.

What else to say about him?

Oh. He’s an interesting guy, that’s a good thing; but only if you like interesting people. He enjoys debating stuff, vacationing on the island of Oahu, and camping from time to time. He’s also been known to look both ways before crossing the street, and smells like teen spirit.