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I wrote a book. I’ve been told. “It’s pretty good.”

A heartfelt story… filled with challenges, revelation, and surprise.

The woman who wanted more is the story of Mag William’s.

She’s an Australian transplant citizen, employed at one of the most desirable corporations in the world. Mag lives in the heart of San Francisco and adores everything the city has to offer. She loves her husband, and her dog, and is content enough. But wonders… is this the sum of my life?

Silicon Valley’s corporate routine has made her numb. She wants more impact and desires importance.

When Mag is introduced to a company that might provide her life’s missing ingredient, she embarks on a path to solve her problem. But the solution is wrong.

In her quest to return things to ‘normal,’ she discovers the true potential of happiness doesn’t come from a company; it comes from within.

Please, judge this book. But be aware…

It contains adult themes like divorce, profanity, and infidelity. If you are offended by these items, then you might not appreciate this novel. Otherwise, you’ll love it.

THE WOMAN WHO WANTED MORE is available – now.